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Where you stop making excuses and make it happen, despite the circumstances.

Our Beginning

Embrace Thee Journey was founded and started when Chelsea (CEO) became a mother. Although, her daughter wasn't planned, she was determined to create the best life for her daughter and herself. She knew first hand how important it was to go after her dreams no matter how challenging the road would be, because her daughter was watching her every move.

Chelsea obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication in 2015 and obtained her Master of Science degree in Marketing in 2020. Chelsea has made it her life's mission to show people that they can have everything they want in life, if they believe and work hard.

The Original Embrace Thee Journey Shirts

When Embrace Thee Journey was first launched, there were two designs that were created. Each image describes how life isn't a race, but a marathon. In order to live the life you want, you must be willing to leave your comfort zone. 

Never Back Down

Life was NEVER meant to be easy! You will fail 1,000 times. You will cry 1 million times. You will want to give up and take the easy route. However, NEVER BACK DOWN! Take it one day at a time, one task at a time, and keep going. 

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It doesn't matter how you started. It only matters where you're headed. 

I like how it fit. I love the design and the colors! To top it off, the customer service was awesome! 

Courtney B.

Purchased a T-shirt from this website. It was cute! I loved what the brand stood for, that I have begun embracing my own journey. Will order again! 


The brand is what actually captured my attention. "Embrace Thee Journey". It was different and unique. I purchased a crop top sweater. The fabric is soft and it doesn't roll up like most sweat wear material, and it's comfortable. Chelsea gave me such great customer service, very informative on her brand. In addition to that, I received my merchandise. Thank you, Chelsea! 

Michelle W.